Mission Statement
We will strive to leave footprints everywhere we go. These footprints will act as a guide for the people we meet as they begin or continue their journey with God. In order for us to spread the word of God and minister to those in need, we must first give God our minds, souls, and hearts, letting nothing hinder us from doing so. Through everything we say and do, we promise to go and do our part in connecting others with the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing he will be behind us every step of the way. With Christ at the center of our relationships and friendships, we will grow closer to one another as we minister the Holy Spirit to others. When we accept the challenge to go, we will give our all for God's purposes and his works. When God's works are fulfilled, amazing things happen.
Ride4Him is a team of riders involved bicycle-related ministries. The main one being a ride to benefit the Chiang Rai children's home in Chiang Rai, Thailand. The ride covers 475 miles over five days.
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